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Types: Robusta.
Size:  13 , 18 , 16
Year harvest: newest.
Origins: Central Highlands, Vietnam.
Supply abilities: upon customer’s request.
Samples: free sample, but customers pay shipment fee.
Packaging: 60kilogram bag (int’l standard)// 50kilogram bag (domestic standard).
Delivery: from 7 days to 15 days after the date of payment released.

We offer most common types of robusta coffee beans sourcing from well-known parts of Vietnam. Our supply ability for robusta coffee beans is tremendous because Vietnam is known as world’s second largest coffee producer. The country is famous for robusta coffee beans. Our sourcing robusta beans are mainly from Central Highlands. This area is very ideal for growing robusta coffee beans thanks to the facts that it is located in in a highland with 500m above the sea and it has a very ideal climate for growing robusta.







 ca phe (13)

ca phe (12)

ca phe (11)

ca phe (10)

ca phe (9)

ca phe (8)

ca phe (7)

ca phe (6)

ca phe (5)

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